Current Lagrange Postdoctoral Fellows

#Héctor Gil Marín

My research is focused in cosmology and more precisely on the large scale structure of the Universe from a theoretical and observational point of view. I have been member of BOSS (Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey) where I have been actively collaborated in the galaxy clustering working group. My recent work is related to extracting cosmological information from large scale galaxy surveys using higher order statistics.

I did my PhD thesis on physics at the Institut de Ciències del Cosmos at the University of Barcelona supervised by Prof. Raúl Jiménez and Prof. Licia Verde.

After that, I became a postdoc researcher at Institute for Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth in Prof. Will Percival’s working group.

In October 2015 I joined the LPNHE as a Lagrange Fellow where I am working for the eBOSS collaboration.

Link to papers: arxiv
Contact: hector.gilmarin[at]lpnhe[dot]in2p3[dot]fr
Webpage (it's a little bit out of date)