Steering Committee

The Steering Commitee ex-officio members are:
The Sorbonne University President or his delegate,
The CNRS President or his delegate,
The directors or their delegates of the main laboratories involved in the ILP: IAP, LPNHE, LPTHE, FRIF, IHP, LERMA, CdF.

There are 7 external members, each of them nominated by one ex-officio member. External members are nominated for 5 years. The Committee elects its chair among the external members. The Steering Committee meets at least twice a year. Decisions are taken at the 2/3 majority of present members.
The Steering Committee validates the global strategy of the ILP, as presented by the Director. It has in charge the nomination of the Director or/and of the Associate Directors. It approves the provisional annual budget and its execution.

Members of the Steering Committee

External members:

Catherine Césarsky (CEA)
John Ellis (CERN)
Julien Lesgourgues (RWTH Aachen University)
Viatcheslav Mukhanov (LMU, Munich)
Jean-Loup Puget (CNRS)
Simon White (MPA, Munich)

Directors or representatives of the ILP partner labs:

Francis Bernardeau (IAP Director)
Matteo Cacciari (FRIF Director)
Françoise Combes (LERMA, Observatoire de Paris / Collège de France)
Michela Petrini (LPTHE Director)
Gregorio Bernardi (LPNHE Director)
Cédric Villani (IHP Director)

Representatives of trusteeships:

Guy Perrin (Associate Director INSU)
Bertrand Meyer (Vice President of research and innovation - Sorbonne University)
Anne-Françoise Richard (Scientific Officer - ANR)
Véronique Atger (Research Coordinator – Sorbonne University)