Support ILP

The ILP was created in 2011 and is currently funded by the French Government within the framework of the Investments for the Futur programmes.

The ILP in collaboration with the UPMC Foundation - "Fondation de l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie" - now needs additional funds to continue its mission beyond the end of funding in 2019, to consolidate the institute's position over time, maintain its scientific activities, launch new projects and enable the world-leading physicists and cosmologists here at the ILP to realize their pioneering ideas.

What do your donations pay for?

You can support our institute to:

Pursue its educational mission training the next generation of experts in theoretical, astro-particle physics and cosmology, which is the goal of our first ongoing fundraising campaign with the UPMC Foundation: "Support the Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble of the 21st century!",

Advance the forefront of research in cosmology, astrophysics, theoretical and particle physics. For instance we are developing entirely new approaches to understand the epoch when the very first starlight lit up the dark cosmos, to solve the deep puzzles raised by the quantum mechanical origin of the Universe, to probe the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, or to design new studies of the afterglow of the Big Bang,

Develop outreach activities for a wide public with the organization of events. As an example the ILP already actively supports the IAP monthly public lectures,

Host national and international experts within ILP in order to strengthen collaborations, pool knowledge, and push the boundaries of what we can know about our universe and about the laws governing its fundamental building blocks,

Reinforce gender equality in cosmology and particle physics at the Lagrange Institute thanks to the "Sophie Germain Fellowship". Women face many barriers to their success and, as a consequence, are strongly underrepresented, especially in senior positions.

How to donate?

You can easily make a donation to support our activities and know more about our specific campaign to "Support the Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble of the 21st century!".

Every donation to the ILP via the UPMC Foundation counts and is tax deductible for French tax residents.